Device Use Description
P4 1.8GHz 512MB RDRAM (Fiona) S Studio performance computer
     Yamaha DS2416 A S Digital audio card with internal 24 channel mixer and effects
     Yamaha AX44 A S 4/4 analogue i/o for DS2416
P4m 1.8GHz 512MB DDRAM (Harriet) (new 8/02) L S Live performance computer
    Emagic EMI 2/6 A L S USB Audio interface
P3 600MHz 255MB DRAM (Eve) L S Live performance computer
   M-Audio Quattro (new 8/02) L S 4 channel USB Audio interface + 1 channel in/out MIDI
Clavia Nord Lead 3  L S Virtual Analog synth
Kurzweil K2000S A L S Digital Sampler/Synthesizer with O/S version 3.87, 64MB RAM
Axon AX-100 MIDI Guitar Controller and Synthesizer L S Neural net pitch to MIDI converter and synthesizer module used on the Strat
Fender Stratocaster L S No description needed
Yamaha Mx12/4 L S 12 channel, 4 bus analog mixer
M-Audio Oxygen 8 S MIDI Controller keyboard
Mackie LM3204 A S 32 channel analogue keyboard mixer
Alesis Midiverb 4 (x2) A L S Digital multi-effects processor
Big Briar MoogerFooger MF-101 A L S Analogue Low-pass Resonant Filter
Alesis AirFX L S Proximity tiggered effects box
Electric Bass A L S Hagstrum body with Carvin guts, stacked humbuckers
Carvin ProBass 15 A L S Bass pre-amp
Midiman Midisport 8x8/s A L S 8x8 USB MIDI Interface/Patch Bay (for Fiona/Harriet)
Midiman Midisport 2x2 L S 2x2 USB MIDI Interface/Patch Bay (for Harriet/Eve)
Mark of the Unicorn Midi Timepiece II L S 8x8 MIDI used strictly as a patchbay for routing MIDI controllers
Boss Pedals - NS-2, FS-2, DS-1 S Pedal Effects
Twelve Tone System's Sonar 2.x A S MIDI/Audio Sequencer
Sonic Foundry ACID 4.0 A S Loop-based Audio Sequencer
Sonic Foundry SoundForge 6 A S Audio editor
Ableton Live 2 L Live loop-based performance software
FruityLoops Suite 4 S MIDI/Audio Step Sequencer
Sonic Foundry CD Architect 5 A S Visual editor for Red Book audio CD creation - the best of the breed
Propellerhead Software's Reason 2.0 A S Virtual rack instruments, effects, and mixers
Propellerhead Software's Rebirth 2.0 A S TB-303, TR-808, TR-909 emulator
Propellerhead Software's Recycle 1.7 A S Audio Loop splicer
C-Mexx C-Console for DS2416 A S Interface for the DS2416's 24 track digital mixer and DSP effects
Retired Hardware/Software
Yamaha SY-22 S lovely digital FM synthesizer, died at age 7 in 1999
Korg X3 S borrowed - used for intrumental loops in 1999
Mark of the Unicorn Midi Timepiece AV A L S Don't get one if you own a PC.
Kurzweil K2000R L S Digital Synthesizer with O/S 3.87, 64MB RAM
Boss DR-660 A S Digital drum machine
Emu ESI-4000 Turbo A L S Rackmount Digital Sampler, 64MB RAM, went kaput in 2002
Nemesys Gigasampler LE 1.64 S When three samplers just isn't enough
MOTU's Unisyn S Patch Librarian

A - used on Apostasia
L - used Live
S - used in Studio